History within us

visegrad fund_logo_web_blue_800The project´s History within us objective is to describe the state of reflection of totalitarian history in the Visegrad Group countries and stimulate a discussion on projects mapping recent past and issues inhibiting the reflection.

In cooperation with an international team of experts and artists we plan to publish three issues of Babylon magazine, many public discussions, conference and artistis events such as happening, concert and travelling exhibition.

Project aims to approach the current situation of the refelction of the past on several levels.

On a historical level by conducting studies that give coping with history in individual central European countries historical framework of the end and fall of communist regimes and transition period to democracy. A part of that level is to remind of the historical cases dividing the society until today.

On a political level there is a comparison regarding individual societies and their political representations coping with the heritage of communism (see the Act on criminality of communistic regime and “lustrace”).On a legal level the aim is to collect and map various cases of communistic crimes that were put to trial and successfully resolved.

On a cultural level the focus is on the past reflected in art, film, theatre or literature including examples from specific works of art or film and television production reviews.

Overall goal of the project is to prepare an international conference on the above described issue inviting history and political studies experts as well as documentary makers from all the respective countries; a part of that would also be a cultural performance ( concert, happening, exhibition).

The project will be promoted and supervised by Revue Babylon, which will publish thematic issues related to various levels of history mapping including interviews, studies, reviews and samples of works of literature regarding the subject; it will also include queries amongst young people from selected universities in CZ, PL, HU and SK pointing out students´ opinions on communism, their overall knowledge on the topic and state of the societies’ coping with communistic past.

Partner No. 1.  

Name of the organization in its native language: Historický ústav SAV  

Name of the organization in English: The Institute of History of SAS  

Website: www.history.sav.sk  

Partner No. 2.  

Name of the organization in its native language: Állambiztonsági Szolgálatok Történeti Levéltára  

Name of the organization in English: the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security  

Website: http://www.abtl.hu/  

Partner No. 3.  

Name of the organization in its native language: Knihovna Václava Havla, o. p. s.  

Name of the organization in English: The Václav Havel Library  

Website: http://www.vaclavhavel-library.org/  

Partner No. 4.  

Name of the organization in its native language: FUNDACJA SOLIDARNOŚCI POLSKO-CZESKO-SŁOWACKIEJ

Name of the organization in English: The Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation  

Website: www.spczs.engo.pl