Hallo Bill,

let me send you greeting from over the ocean – we are reading about your activities even in Bohemia (country of Václav Smil)…

I have given you a very focused attention, please, give me the yours for a little while. I have to send you one very important message. Let me introduce myself. I am a human being. We share this mysterious place.

My english is not perfect, but – let’s please both have a good will: I write you to ask you to be very focused in your effort of influencing things which are not in the spectrum of your professional branche. Your education belongs to the world of computers and making business. My education concerns the subject of the deep mystery of human being, and understanding the human nature, or, let’s say – nature itself. We are equal, inspiring each other, rather then complementing each other. Thank you that you inspire me.

I have just read in our newspapers  – and let me say it in a simple way – that you intend to block the power of sunrays with a special technology to help the planet. Of course the article was more complex – it was in technological magazine. My far distanced brother, PLEASE, DO NOT. It is definitely not your job. It is not anybody’s job and it’s the law. I am your sister and if you cross my demand, the consequence will appear especially in your field – not from me, but from the nature itself.

I suggest you to participate on cleaning oceans, water in general (including tears), saving trees, so important for our breathing… and… if you are such an influencer – you can try to influence people not to be so fascinated with the false egoistical „god“. There’s one true G-D, you know? This misunderstood is the most important thing why this world is such a demanding place. No one is guilty – it’s just a process.

SUN is shining perfectly. Darkness is also perfect. It’s some people who are confused. This, what you intend to do, will not save anything in the long term horizont. Even the most simple child would tell you it’s not a good idea to manipulate the touch of sunlight in the sense of protection…

Definitely there‘ s an obvious necessity of the deep transformation – people need to protect, rather than to be protected. I am watching  the cold light of computer to talk to you. The heart (which is not possible to manipulate, to buy, or to construct with any scientifical method), can resist all the stupidities and is patient with any confusion – in the „long term horizont“, if you understand me.

Timeless, out of emotions.

This is one important message for you, Bill, very serious.Thank you for your attention.

Blessings from Jesus Christ and his parents….:) – and…others.

reprodukce obr. Boruta Hollanda